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SM30_-_BUS_-_2016.pngLet’s say that you were about to open a vehicle service shop. You want the ability to service a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, light trucks, and SUV’s, but you also want to hit the work truck, service vans and dump truck markets too. You’ll need a lift that can handle your heavy duty needs, as well as give you the versatility to perform a full array of services. Rotary Lift’s SM30 four-post lift is the total package, and the answer to your shop’s lifting needs.


When it comes to versatility, the SM30 is the one to beat. Capable of lifting anything from small passenger cars to light and medium duty commercial vehicles, the SM30 can be the workhorse in your shop. The 24” wide runways are adjustable(42”-48” inside clearance) to catch a wide array of wheelbases, while providing plenty of surface area for those large wheeled vehicles. The wide runways also make it easier for a technician to drive on the lift, eliminating the need for a spotter, increasing your shop’s productivity. The SM30 is available in 3 lengths: 25’ 8”, 28’ 8” and 31’ 8” ensuring you can handle longer vehicles including buses or dump trucks. Couple the length options with its 30,000lb. lifting capacity, and you have a machine capable of handling most anything you can roll on it.


Aside from its already versatile nature, the SM30 has an array of accessories available for increasing function and profitability. By adding a set of rolling jacks, you can easily perform brake, tire and suspension work, all with the stability of a four-post. A standard internal airline allows you to operate the rolling jacks simultaneously making the lifts fully wheels free. Lube work is also made easy when a rolling drain pan with splashguard, drain valve and dust cap is added. You can also convert the SM30 to a fully functional alignment lift, by adding an alignment kit. Bolt-on style kits include front turning radius gauges and rear slip plates.


Its versatility and available accessories make the SM30 a very profitable lift, however, profitability means nothing if the safety of your technicians is at risk. Aside from the overall sturdiness and stability you get with a Rotary four post, the SM30 raised the bar a bit further. The single piece I-beam construction eliminates welds and weak points, and the non-skid surface allows a sure grip for both vehicles and technicians. Heavy-duty steel cables ensure a greater lifting strength and durability. The loading ramps pull double duty as ramp chocks when the lift is raised. Rotary’s robust and durable locking system is engaged during every lifting cycle.  It automatically re-engages if lowering is halted. Based on the proven Sentinel™ Design found on our highly cycled automotive lifts, the SM30 locks have been optimized for the rugged demands of the HD shop environment. Technicians and managers should feel comfortable working under this industry leader.

Whether you’re a new shop looking for your first lift, or an established multi bay wanting to add some power to your arsenal, the SM30 is the right lift for you. If you are interested in the SM30, or any other products in Rotary’s line of Heavy-Duty lifts, take a look at our Heavy Duty Resource Guide.