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ROTARY-501-TIRE-CHANGER-MAIN.pngFlipping tires may sound like a good workout for some people, but force those same people to do it for a living, and their views may change. However, that’s a daily occurrence in the life of a HD tire technician. With some tires, like the new super singles, tipping the scales at 300lbs.+, you can see why trying to man handle that all day would get old. So why not make your tech’s life and your bottom line better? Enter Rotary’s R501N Speedchanger HD.

This isn’t your dad’s tire changer, the R501N is the most capable and robust truck tire changer available on the market today. This one of a kind machine improves productivity while increasing workplace safety and conserving valuable floor space.

No Tire Flipping or Lifting
The R501N does all the heavy lifting, saving your techs time and their backs. How many times have you watched your technician lift a 300lb tire assembly that is lying flat on the floor? With the integrated lift and ramp, you simply roll the tire and wheel up to the machine and slide it back to the clamping jaws. With the simple push of a button the wheel is safely clamped to the jaws. Another push of a button the machine then lifts the assembly off the floor to full working height.

Space Saving
Some owners have their shop mapped out in square inches, rather than feet, as floor space is a high commodity. The amount of space 4 tires lying flat on the floor takes up is tremendous. The R501N changes the tires upright, instead of lying down. The footprint of the machine is designed vertically rather than horizontally, keeping the overall footprint to a minimum.

Let the Machine do the Work
Flipping and lifting the tire into place is only half the battle using the conventional method. The R501N uses its strong 3-phase electric motor to remove the old tire and mount the new. Rotary has a tradition of innovating new products to speed up processes and increase profits, and the R501N is exactly that.  The patented operating system of the R501N tire changer is one of a kind. With this distinctive design, the changer is equipped with four rollers positioned on both sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions. With this system, the dismounting of the tire is a simple operation: while the front bead breakers keep the bead in the drop center, the rear breakers continue their course until the dismounting is complete. 

If you would like more information regarding the R501N Speedchanger HD, or any other changer in our lineup, check out our Tire Changer Buyer’s Guide, or contact one of our local distributors.