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MACH4_6_columns_FiretruckProductivity, space savings, versatility, and concern for the environment are key components to consider when investing in a new heavy-duty lift. Rotary, a company known for innovation in the lift industry has set the bar to new heights with the MACH™ Series Mobile Columns lifts. The MACH™ family of lifts is Rotary’s most versatile, from lifting your 70,000lb dump truck to servicing your warehouse forklift, the MACH™ Series have got you covered.

There are many features that make the MACH™ Series one of the most productive and versatile lifts on the market. Listing them all would be a challenge, so we put together the “highlight reel” of why these need to be in your shop:

Graphical Display of Vehicle – Rotary’s graphic display is easy to understand and makes setup a breeze. The exclusive patented intuitive control console allows the lift to be fully controlled by any column, unlike some competitor’s lift where the operation is only available at a specific column.

Horseshoe Wiring – While other mobile column lifts are connected by four cables, the wired MACH™ series columns use just three(forming a horseshoe), so the front or back of the lift is always open. Vehicles can be driven in and out of the bay without wasting time to disconnect cables. The horseshoe wiring system is much improved over competitors master/slave configuration thus allowing faster setup.

Automatic Steering and Braking – The steering/braking systems require no manual operation of the jacks, saving time on every movement and setup.

Inverted Hydraulic Cylinder – The hydraulic cylinder is inverted inside the carriage and the chrome piston rod is protected from debris and damage. This extends the life of the column and reduces maintenance frequency and cost.  

Wireless Communication  – The patented wireless column communication eliminates communication cables decreasing setup time by 75%. The MACH™ columns are also able to toggle from a wired to wireless setup with the flick of a switch.

Position Memory – With configuration recall, there is no need to configure columns for each lifting cycle, just set it and forget it. The system stays calibrated allowing you to roll in vehicle after vehicle.

The MACH™ Mobile Columns come in both 13,000lb(MACH13) and 18,000lb(MACH18) capacity models and are sold in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8. This allows a lifting range from 26,000lbs, for your light to medium duty needs, all the way up to 144,000lbs for even the heaviest of vehicles. Since their release in 2008, thousands of Rotary customers have been utilizing the MACH™ Series family of lifts to increase productivity in their shops.

Whether you are a small shop with limited space, or a metro transit servicing a large fleet, MACH™ Series Mobile Columns will make an impact in your shop’s productivity. If you would like to learn more about the MACH™ Series or any of Rotary’s line of heavy-duty product, check out our Heavy Duty Resource guide.