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What features or benefits do you look for when deciding on new mobile column lifts? Do you want them to be easily adjustable and a breeze to roll around? How about quick setup and an easy to understand user interface? Maybe you need a completely wireless system that allows the lift to operate from any column. Well, if those options meet your criteria, then we have the perfect columns for you, the Rotary MACH 18 mobile columns.

However, at Rotary, we pride ourselves on innovation and leading the industry in new and super productive equipment. We never go back to the drawing board because, frankly, we never left it. So after having the best and most innovative mobile columns on the market, we decided to step up our game just a bit more.

The MACH Flex powered by Redfire® is an improvement on perfection, making a great set of mobile columns even better. With increased productivity and safety in mind, we developed a product unlike any on the market today.

To help increase your shop’s bottom line perhaps the most relevant addition to the MACH Flex is the remote control. The patented remote gives the user the ability to operate the lift from anywhere in the bay decreasing operation time and increasing productivity. The remote has yellow/green indicator light for a quick view of what columns are ready for action. The joystick control makes operating the lift fast and easy, with one hand use. A single lower to lock function, along with a Press Protect™ means no accidental movement, and preserved battery life. Along with the remote, the MACH Flex comes with an increased lifting capacity to allow for larger vehicles, broadening its range and versatility. Even the setup of the columns has never been easier, simply slide them into place and pair each with the remote, and you are good to go.

As safety is a constant driver in all our lifts, we added some features to the MACH Flex that make them more user-friendly. Locklight™ a feature that has been available for all of our lifts is now standard on every MACH Flex column. This gives everyone around the shop from the technician working on the vehicle, the shop manager and even the casual observer a visual confirmation that the vehicle is resting on the mechanical locks and off of hydraulic power. The remote is equipped with an E-stop control, as well as the lower to lock function, and Press Protect™ to stop any unintentional movement.

You want more? We’ve got more! A detailed user interface makes the MACH Flex a technician’s dream. A digital weight gauge shows a constant and exact load for each column and the easy to read display lights up green when the column is paired and yellow when it is not. The pairing screen also shows if there are any errors and the status of each column.

If you are in the market for a highly productive, technician friendly, bottom line increasing set of lifts(and who isn’t) then the MACH Flex powered by Redfire® mobile columns are right for you. If you have any questions on these or any of Rotary’s series of mobile column lifts, check out our Mobile Column Lift Buyer’s guide for in-depth information.