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techlights.pngSometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference. To an outsider, lighting might not seem like a huge deal in auto repair, but if you’ve worked under a truck that’s blocking overhead lights, you know how difficult it is to operate in the dark. Our Tech Lights help you shed light right where you need it, and the Line Light 4 kit is made specifically for use with heavy duty jobs. Here’s how this simple auto repair tool can make your work easier.

Lots of lumens. A dim light is as good as no light. Our Tech Lights feature plenty of LEDs so you can see exactly what you’re doing. The Line Light 4 kit uses more than 600 LEDs, which produce more than 4,000 total lumens. That’s the same as about four 75-watt incandescent bulbs.

Cool to the touch. Burns are a real hazard in the shop. Because we use LEDs in our lights, they won’t overheat and pose a risk to techs who handle or brush up against them. Even after hours of use, they stay cool.

Easy to maneuver. The Line Light 4 kit is held in place with magnetic clips, so you can put them where you need them without drilling and easily move them. They can also be rotated up and down, so you can point them wherever you need light. The four wands in the kit can be used separately, or you can link them together and turn them all off or on with one click of the button.

Easy to maneuver around. These lights are designed to be used with our HDC series, parallelogram, SM30 and AR18 heavy duty lifts, and they’re minimalist design and wiring means they won’t get in the way of rolling jacks or cause a tripping hazard.

On top of all that, these lights aren’t delicate, so they’ll stand up to use in a heavy-duty shop, and they use very little electricity. For more information about this and our other lighting solutions, visit the Tech Lights page or get in touch with your local distributor.

Tech Light™ by Rotary Lift® from Vehicle Service Group on Vimeo.