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There are two ways to describe Rotary’s EFX60; durable and versatile. Rotary, the industry leader in innovation, added to their already stellar line of heavy duty inground lifts when we introduced the EFX60 in 2011.  The EFX60 is part of the newest generation of environmentally friendly heavy duty inground lifts. The EFX60 is ALI third party certified and manufactured in the U.S.A. Rotary Lift uses proven technology to bring you the most robust and reliable lifts in the industry.

When purchasing a heavy duty inground lift, the first requirement should be durability. The most expensive lift you will purchase is one that doesn’t work. The EFX60 uses heavier centering links that are larger than those on comparable lifts. Its heavier pivot pins are stronger and spread loads over a bigger surface area to reduce load bearing weight and increase life. The pins are also protected by Rotary Lift’s exclusive Smartguard® corrosion protection, making them superior to the standard chrome pins used by others.  Finally, the EFX60’s reinforced cover plates are stronger than those used by other inground scissor lifts, giving your techs added support when servicing vehicles. The added strength and durability of the pins, links and plates means less downtime and more productivity for your shop.

A lift that is not only durable but capable of servicing multiple vehicles is a must in many heavy duty shops. The EFX60 provides that capability. Utilizing Rotary’s patented Universal Saddle™ system, the lift is compatible with the industry’s widest selection of third-party-certified lightweight adapters. The EFX60 has an infinite adapter adjustment range, enabling technicians to precisely position adapters exactly where they’re needed for proper lifting. The adapters also swivel, making it possible to pick up vehicles by either the frame or the axle. As a result, technicians using the EFX60 can properly lift and service virtually any vehicle weighing up to 60,000 lbs.

Durability and versatility meet in the EFX60. If you are in the market for a heavy duty lift, weigh all the options and factors. Choose which lift will impact your shop’s productivity the most. If you would like more information on the EFX60, or any of Rotary’s line of heavy duty lifts, check out of Heavy Duty Resource Guide.