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R1080-clear.pngHave you ever asked yourself this question: “How can my shop be more productive?” Let’s assume the obvious; your shop is full of Rotary Lifts that run flawlessly and that your techs are the best at what they do. What can you do to increase your shop’s productivity and ultimately profits? Answer, wheel service, specifically alignments. With Rotary’s new Baysaver 3D R1080 Wheel Alignment System, productivity for your shop increases, space doesn’t.

 Alignment typically is thought of as a difficult process, requiring very expensive equipment, fully dedicated bays and extensive training for anyone involved. That is just simply not true. Rotary’s Baysaver 3D, will have your shop performing alignments, and generating revenue in no time.

The R1080 Baysaver automatically searches targets and detects their orientation within the space making learning how to use the unit a breeze.  The easy to use three-point clamping system provides more point of contact to avoid compensation for off-center mismeasurements. Our exclusive targets are extremely light and have no internal electronic components, so they are not prone to damage and require no maintenance. On most vehicles, there is no run out or roll back required, meaning your techs are spending less time and energy pushing vehicles on the lift.

R1000-Camera-clear.pngThe Baysaver allows any bay or open area in your shop to potentially be an alignment bay. No fixed bulky towers to contend with, your tech simply rolls the Baysaver where needed, attaches the targets and goes to work. Equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity the measuring heads and base unit allows for maneuverability and use on almost any platform style lift – four-post, scissor or larger. The automatic leveling system compensates for any unevenness in platforms. The patented measuring heads have swivel mounted cameras which automatically find the targets saving your tech time in setup. These cameras have LED signal repeaters which will flash intermittently during the alignment process. This intermittent flash lets your technician’s open doors, walk in between the heads and the camera to turn steering all while not interfering with the alignment process. 

 If your shop is mounting and balancing tires for customers, why not offer alignment services as well. The Baysaver allows your shop full service in all aspects of wheel and tire work. Return your customer’s vehicle back in a timelier manner, making them happy and your shop more money.

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