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In order to survive as a company, you have to improve and change. We know that’s how our customers run their shops. It’s how we do business too. That mindset leads to better, faster, more effective products, and the new ARO14SW is a perfect example of that. This new-and-improved four-post car lift has been enhanced in ways both big and small while also featuring some of our best tried-and-true technology.ARO14SW_EXPLORER-1

 Twice as Fast 

Any speed savings will help your technicians and your business do more in less time. And the ARO14SW isn’t just a little bit faster than standard lifts. It’s twice as fast. Thanks to our ShockwaveTM technology, your employees will be able to raise and lower a vehicle in the time it takes to just lift one on standard equipment. As a result:

  •          Techs spend less time waiting and more time working
  •          Employees can finish more alignments in a day
  •          You’ll have more happy customers
  •          Your shop will generate more revenue

 Small Improvements = Big Rewards

Our enhancements were made with technicians in mind. We really considered how they use the lifts and found our enhancements were made with technicians in mind. We really considered how Interlocking spacers along the lift’s runways enable technicians to place the turntables in various locations, so the equipment can be used on vehicles with wheelbases from 71 inches to 148 inches. That means you’ll be able to handle cars, light trucks, SUVs and vans. And just to make things a little easier for your taller employees, we extended the rise height to 78 ¾ inches. Improved drive-on ramps and a powder-coated hammer-tone paint finish add to the list of improvements.ways to make their lives easier and up the versatility of the lift. For example, the radius gauges can now be placed in additional locations, so the lift can be used with more wheelbases and vehicles. Rear slip plates now have a wider range of movement, which means techs can provide more precise alignments. These slips plates are also equipped with additional rolling balls, distributing the weight of the vehicle more evenly and increasing durability.


Combined, these enhancements mean a better lift, better repairs and a better-run shop.

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