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As consumer demand for electric cars, trucks and SUVs continues to rise, major vehicle manufacturers around the world are ramping up production. Insiders are predicting that the innovation required for electric vehicles will create more industry change in the next five years than we’ve seen in generations. Even Starbucks is getting in on the action, hoping to become the go-to destination for charging, which begs the question: who will be the go-to destination for servicing EVs? With the right lift in place, your shop or dealership could lead the way.

For modern shops that want a clean look and equipment with a low cost of ownership, an inground lift can be the perfect solution. When not in use, it descends into the service bay floor out of the way, making it safer too. However, standard inground lifts usually aren’t wide enough to allow techs to service EV batteries since the batteries are very large and located on the bottom of the vehicles. You need a lift that’s wide enough to accommodate EVs, but flexible enough to handle your existing customer base.

Rotary’s new Wide SmartLift inground lift is one of our most versatile lifts yet.

Get ready for the future of vehicle repair with:

• 1.5x more width for unobstructed clearance under the vehicle. More room makes battery and air dam removal a breeze.
• Our patented TRIOTM three-stage arms allow techs 18% greater reach to spot exotic and low-profile vehicles more easily.
• The lift’s 10,000 or 12,000-pound capacities mean anything from subcompact cars to big trucks can be serviced.
• Shockwave™ technology effectively doubles the lifting speed, so your techs can work twice as fast servicing practically any vehicle that rolls into your shop.

Learn more about the new Wide Smartlift to see how one investment can set your shop up for a future of success.