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Thanking the Veterans Who Lift Our Company and Country

There are a lot of men and women at Rotary Lift who go above and beyond to make our customers happy and our products the very best. This Veterans Day, we’re especially grateful to those who have served in our armed forces. There are 37 veterans who bring their...

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Our Top 4 Training Tips for Mobile Lifts

When someone first sees a mobile column lift, they usually think one of two things: There’s no way I’m standing under that! How hard can it be? The truth is, both lines of thought are valid. Mobile lifts are easy to maneuver and set up, but safety should always be top...

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How to protect your auto lift investment.

Purchasing a new lift is a big investment. If you want a quality piece of equipment you'll need to drop a considerable amount of money, and once you've got it in your shop, you'll want to keep it in mint condition as long as possible. After all, a broken lift can't...

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The Real Cost of Fleet Downtime

Every time your fleet needs repairs, the repair itself is only part of the total cost. Time off the road increases driver downtime and can lead to customer delays, towing expenses and more. The good news is, some repairs can be done faster with the right...

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How to run a safe shop with truck lifts

When you’re working with equipment that weighs upwards of 20,000 or 60,000 lbs., safety should always be on your mind. Is your shop the safest it can be? Are your techs using equipment appropriately? Here are three important areas to focus on so you can keep your...

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