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Rotary-Shop-shot.pngWhen’s the last time you had a brand new vehicle roll into your shop for repairs? It’s probably not an everyday occurrence. In fact, it’s probably more rare than a ’69 Camaro ZL-1. After all, new cars typically go to dealership service departments for their first couple of years. 

That’s why you should be pretty stoked about the latest news from Lang Marketing. They estimate that the average age of domestic vehicles has reached an all-time high. Today’s domestic nameplate cars are 14.2 years old. That’s two years more than foreign nameplates. And it’s a growth of 2.3 years to the average age since 2007.

 This is due largely to falling sales of new vehicles. In 2002, domestic nameplate vehicles were 22% of light vehicle sales. But in 2016, those sales were less than 12%.

 Why are sales falling? Many industry analysts are chalking it up to better vehicle quality that lets consumers keep their cars around longer without any major maintenance or replacements. And while older cars may need less major work than in the past, we all know that many parts need repair or replacement along the way.

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of opportunity—as long as you’re prepared. And there’s no better preparation than having the equipment that will maximize your productivity while the older vehicles continue to parade into your shop.

One of the most important factors of your productivity is in the capabilities of your auto lifts. If you’re using older, slower lifts, there’s a good chance you’re losing potential revenue. With faster lifts, you can book more hours and make more money. It really is that simple. And when the work goes faster, your customers are in and out faster—something that will keep them coming back whenever they need repairs.

As you might suspect, we’re a little (actually, a lot) biased when it comes to which lifts could make you more productive. Specifically, we recommend Rotary lifts that are equipped with our Shockwave™ Technology. They give you:

  • Faster rise time. At 25 seconds up and 19 seconds down, it’s actually twice as fast as many lifts.
  • Faster spotting. The Spotline™ motion-activated laser shoots a laser line down the center of the car’s hood and dash so that you can keep it in the middle
  • Even faster spotting. In addition to Spotline™, we have a lift with our patented TRIO arms with lightweight adapters that quickly and easily slide into place.

Find out how much time and money you can save by using our handy calculator, and start getting more of those older vehicles onto your lifts. You won’t just see a faster rise time in your vehicles. You’ll see it in your revenue, as well.