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The industry’s only remote-controlled inground lift increases productivity.


Rotary Lift has added another remote-controlled heavy-duty lift to its lineup with the new MOD35 Flex powered by RedFire™, the industry’s only remote-controlled inground vehicle lift. The new model adds the convenience of wireless remote-control technology to the industry’s best-selling modular inground lift.

MOD35 Flex’s wireless remote control allows technicians to operate the heavy-duty lift from anywhere in the bay without cords getting in the way. The interface works the same as Rotary’s MOD35 pendant-only control, so no new training is required. 

Existing Rotary Lift MOD30 and MOD35 inground lifts can be upgraded with Flex wireless remote technology.

The MOD35 Flex’s electrical console can be wall-mounted away from the lift. As a result, facilities gain about 5 square feet of additional floor space vs. inground lifts that require floor-mounted consoles, providing technicians with more room to work.

Canandaigua City Schools in upstate New York is an all-Rotary shop, using four MOD35 lifts to service its fleet of 60 student transportation vehicles. It was one of the first customers to try the MOD35 Flex. Michael Dauphinee, the district’s fleet manager, said using the wireless remote is especially convenient and efficient when completing mandatory, time-consuming Department of Transportation vehicle inspections.

“It’s helpful not to have a cord laying around getting tangled on equipment and in the way of people walking around the bay,” he said. “The wireless remote allows me to cut man hours and be more efficient because I don’t need two guys per job – one to control the lift and one to keep track of the cord. The extra guy is freed up to service another vehicle, which increases our productivity.”

The modular design of the MOD35 Flex inground lift enables it to be customized for any application and location. It is available with two or three multi-stage hydraulic cylinders to provide lifting capacity of 70,000 to 105,000 lbs.

To protect both the environment and the lift, the MOD35 Flex is totally contained in a 6-foot-deep steel enclosure that has been sealed inside and out with Rotary Lift’s exclusive EnviroGuard coating. The enclosure is warranted against corrosion and electrolysis for 10 years. This containment forms a barrier between the lift components and the ground to trap oil and shop fluids while at the same time locking out groundwater. The MOD35 Flex containment unit also allows for easy access to all lift components and reduces installation costs.

MOD35 Flex is compatible with Rotary Lift’s patented universal saddle that is optimized for most vehicles in municipal, school bus, heavy truck or transit/low-profile applications. The widest range of standard adapters and optional saddles are also available to meet any heavy-duty vehicle lifting need.

The Rotary Lift MOD35 Flex powered by RedFire inground lift is third-party tested and ALI certified to meet industry safety and performance standards. Like all Rotary Lift products, MOD35 Flex is backed by the industry’s largest factory-trained distributor network providing unmatched local service and support.

To learn more about the Rotary Lift MOD35 Flex heavy-duty inground lift, visit For more information about adding the lifts to your shop, contact your local Rotary distributor or call (800) 640-5438. You can also find Rotary Lift on Facebook, and Twitter,