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shockwave-technician.pngRecently, all the automakers across the globe decided that they would no longer be designing or manufacturing new vehicle models. The consensus being that their existing lineups were satisfactory and there’s no need for changes or improvements.

Have we lost you yet? Hope not, we all know that the auto manufacturers will continue to adapt and change, yet that very mindset of staying pat in what you do and know is exactly what some shop owners subscribe to when it comes to training.

To keep your shop current and producing quality work, you must ensure your techs are up to date on the latest training. Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in ongoing training:

  1. Safety

When you’re in the business of working on vehicles, safety is always a concern – both for the techs who work on the cars or trucks and the people who drive them. Well-trained techs are safer. They have a deeper understanding of the vehicles they work on. Ongoing training also serves as a regular reminder regarding standard safety rules techs probably know but might be tempted to overlook.

  1. Staying Current

Between the move toward more efficient vehicles and technological advances, there’s plenty to keep up with in the world of vehicle manufacturers. When you invest in training for your technicians, the burden of staying on top of all these changes is off your shoulders.

  1. Efficiency

Ongoing education makes sense for the bottom line. When techs are well-trained, they understand how to make repairs quickly and correctly. On top of that, if they know what they’re doing, there’s a much lower chance of making a mistake. That means a lower risk of having to rework a vehicle, which is good news for customers and your shop.

There’s another way training helps the bottom line, too. When you offer your techs top-notch training, you know you can guarantee quality repairs that are worth a higher rate. When you offer the best repairs, you can charge a fair price for them. 

  1. Employee Retention

When you run a company that invests in its employees, they’ll take note. The best employees want to work at the best companies, and they crave the sense of advancement that comes with continuing education. They’ll be more likely to stick around when they know you’re committed to their future and the future of the shop. Plus, if you have a pay structure that rewards technicians for working faster, they’ll really appreciate training that can help them do that. It’s a win for everybody.

Make training a priority in your shop and you will definitely see the benefits. Once you have your techs all trained and ready to go, think about equipping your shop with the best lifts in the industry. Check out our Lift Buyer’s Guide for some great information on our lifts!