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If you’re responsible for maintaining a fleet, seeing a line of trucks waiting for repairs or maintenance is enough to make a grown man cry. Or at least cause some mild anxiety. Trucks that are sitting aren’t bringing in money. If a vehicle does have to take a time-out for maintenance or repairs, it’s important to keep that downtime as short as possible. Get them in, get them out, and keep them moving.


A well-run shop is a benefit to a fleet, not a burden, and it’s important to cycle through the jobs in the queue as efficiently as possible. One element that you absolutely shouldn’t overlook is the repair equipment your techs use – your lifts are especially critical.

From versatility to space savings, there are many benefits to using mobile column lifts. When you add in wireless functionality, the benefits get even bigger.

Speed and Convenience

Mobile lifts are convenient. They’re easy to learn how to operate, and moving them into place and adjusting them is a snap. (Plus you can use these lifts on a wide range of vehicles.) When you eliminate the cords, they become even more convenient – and faster – to use.

For example, the MACH Series MCH18 comes in a wireless version that eliminates the hassle of communication cords. Eliminating the cable-connection step makes setup 75% faster, meaning your technicians can spend less time getting started and more time working on trucks. Going from wired to wireless can be as simple as flipping a switch with the MCH18, and automatic reconnection means techs won’t have to reboot if something goes wrong.


The less stuff you have on the floor in your shop, the better. Tripping hazards are a real concern, and when you do away with wires, that’s one less thing to worry about. And the MCH18 is battery powered, so they’re truly cord-free. That gives your techs the ability to walk under the raised vehicle and retrieve tools without risking a fall.

Top-of-the-line Equipment Means Top-Notch Employees

When you choose the most convenient, fastest, safest equipment, your technicians will take notice. You’ll be better able to both retain those great employees who have been around forever and attract top new talent. With the industry-wide shortage in mechanics, it just makes sense to do everything you can to hire and keep the best technicians in the pool.

Combined, the best techs and the best equipment will mean a better-run shop – and more vehicles on the road in your fleet. 

Interested in learning more about the MACH Series mobile column lifts? Get in touch and get the information you need.