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212-standard.jpgFor fleet managers, independent shops and dealerships that repair medium duty trucks, finding the right lift can be a balancing act. You want the speed of a car lift, but the capacity of a truck lift. Inground lifts like the SL212SW hit the sweet spot, providing a mix of efficiency and hoisting power. Here’s a look at three things that make inground lifts a good option for any shop that services medium duty trucks and vans. 

1. Productivity Benefits

Being able to move quickly is essential in every repair, and services to medium duty trucks are no exception. Your customers or drivers want their vehicles back quickly. Your techs don’t want to slow down when they get to a medium duty truck repair in the queue. So if you’re in the market for a lift, look for one with fast rise times. The Shockwave-equipped SL212SW can lift a 12,000-pound truck in just 30 seconds and lower it in 19 seconds. That means your team will spend less time standing idle and more time completing jobs.

Even loading the truck is simple with the Spotline laser system. Techs just line up the center of the vehicle with the laser and drive on, so there’s no need to waste time climbing in and out of the truck or van as they try to get it lined up just right.

2. Space Savings

Big-enough capacity doesn’t have to mean a big footprint. Shop owners love the smaller bay requirements for inground lifts because it means they can fit more of them on the shop floor. It’s one of the most common reasons for choosing this type of lift. Squeezing in even one or two more bays can have a big impact on the number of jobs your team completes in a day. The extra revenue will quickly balance out the added cost of the bays, and more bays in less space has another benefit too…

3. Green Advantages

A small shop means lower heating, cooling, and even lighting needs, so doing more work in less space has environmental benefits. Medium duty inground lifts could even help you make the most of the space you have, eliminating the need for expensive builds. To up the green factor, look for lifts that are made responsibly from recycled materials. And because the lift will be housed underground, make sure it’s enclosed properly so it won’t leak fluids into the surrounding soil.

Add in the fact that inground lifts make for a clean, open shop floor, and it’s easy to see why this type of lift is a popular option for medium duty jobs.

Still not sure which lift is right for your shop? Take a look at our Lift Buyers Guide for a breakdown of your options.