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YA12-NV.pngDrive-on car lifts are a great fit for many shops, but are they right for yours? Making sure you invest your dollars in the right equipment is important, so let’s take a look at who would benefit most from a four-post, drive-on lift.

They’re a good choice for your shop:

If you’re investing in express lanes.

Express lanes are a great way to boost profits. If you’re among the many shops in the process of adding them for the first time or putting in more express bays, a drive-on four-post lift is a perfect fit for several reasons. For starters, they couldn’t be simpler to load. True to their name, it’s as easy as driving on. Techs don’t have to worry about getting in and out and lining arms up just right, so this step is quick and straightforward. And with drive-through options, unloading is just as simple.

If you’re looking to increase profits per bay.

Drive-on four-post lifts offer the speed your techs need to keep things moving in express lanes and elsewhere. No matter the service, customers are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible. A fast lift can help you meet those expectations while also adding to your bottom line. The key is to look for a drive-on lift that has the speed specs. For example, the Rotary SMO14SW can lift and lower a vehicle twice as fast as a standard lift thanks to Shockwave technology. (Thirty-five seconds to rise and 18 seconds to lower.) Those time savings can add up throughout the day, letting you fit in one or more jobs per bay each day. That extra work can make your express lanes—or any bays—even more profitable.

If you need versatility.

Drive-on lifts can be used for a wide variety of tasks. They’re a great fit if you’re focusing on those express lane services like oil changes, and when you choose an alignment lift, you can use it for even more. Alignment capabilities can be added to an existing lift, or you can buy one that comes packaged with the necessary equipment. To add to the versatility of your lift, look for one that can handle multiple wheelbase lengths. Other extras like rolling jacks help you perform tasks like tire rotations, increasing the versatility even more.

The bottom line is that drive-on four-post lifts are a good fit in many situations. But if you’re still not sure, our free guide can help. Download the Four-Post Lift Buyers Guide to learn more about them.