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What do you when you are the inventor of the industry’s leading 2-post lift?  Open a bottle of bubbly, and take a group photo where everyone is jumping?  No.  Well, ok, those might both be fun.  But when you’re a Rotary engineer, you make the industry’s favorite lift even better.SPOA10_TRIO_FA_JEEP

Introducing the innovative SPOA10-TRIO, a revolutionary new design from Rotary.  The secret sauce is the new patented TRIO arm, a two piece arm with an integrated third stage.  If you’re looking for a productivity boost, then this is your guy.  The 3-stage arm allows for greater reach and easier movement of the arms and adapters.  TRIO’s patented Multi-Position Adapter Sliders allow adapters to move freely, making it much easier for technicians to hit a vehicle’s pick up points quickly and precisely. 

Moreover, the TRIO arm is available with all three of our most popular adapter types.  The TA adapters, are designed for higher clearance vehicles such as trucks and SUV’s and cradle the frame perfectly.  RA adapters are great for uni-body vehicles, giving you a non-marking rubber grip.  And what lineup would be complete without the time tested and versatile FA or flip ups?  Most importantly, the adapters are interchangeable on the new TRIO arm, so your techs can be assured that they always have the right adapter for whatever vehicle rolls into their bay.Rotary_Lift_TRIO_Arm_Stages

The new arm design is exclusive to our most popular two-post lift, the feature packed SPOA10. It is available with another Rotary Lift innovation: Shockwave technology. Shockwave-equipped lifts feature rise and descent times that are twice as fast as other lifts. They are battery-powered and have on-board chargers, so the lifts work during power outages and there is no need to run expensive 220V wiring. The SPOA10 is also available with Rotary Lift’s exclusive Spotline laser spotting guide that makes it easy to center a vehicle between the lift columns.  For decades, this lift has set the standard in light-duty two-post lifts.  Now, the addition of the new technician friendly TRIO arm is proof that Rotary is Innovating not Imitating.