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Rolling-Jack-overall.jpgFour-post lifts are a staple in some shops. They accommodate vehicles and repairs that might be more difficult to do on a two-post lift, and they’re very easy to use. It’s simple for techs to line up with the runway, drive on and lift. This makes them perfect for general inspections, simple maintenance, etc. And with the addition of some accessories, you can do even more.

Let’s take a look at the different add-ons available for Rotary four-post lifts.

While they’re great for undercarriage work, four-post lifts aren’t built for wheels-free work on tires or brakes. That’s where rolling jacks come in. They let techs lift the front, rear or all tires, so they can do suspension work and more. The jack’s wheels fit in tracks on the inside edges of the runway, and techs can easily roll them into position or move them out of the way.

Some of our rolling jacks are also compatible with adapter kits that let them work with straight-axle vehicles, upping the overall versatility of a four-post lift even more.

Other available accessories include:

-Alignment kits. Alignment jobs are an important source of revenue for many shops. These bolt-on kits make them possible, turning a general service four-post lift into an alignment lift.

-Ramp kits. These kits allow for drive-through capabilities, helping you streamline your shop.

-Removable work steps. Need a safe and easy way for techs to get up and down on a lift? Consider using a work step, which can be added and removed easily.

-Oil drain pan. A rolling drain pan moves with the technician, making lube work simpler and easier.

Versatility is key in any shop. The more you can do with one piece of equipment, the better. Accessories make an already great tool even better.

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