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Tire changing is a time-consuming and exhausting process for technicians.

That is why shops have long been looking for any advantage they can get to mount and de-mount tires faster, easier and more accurately. This not only increases shop efficiency and allows for greater productivity, but it keeps customers satisfied, coming back, and referring your shop to others.

Repair shop equipment continues to evolve with new innovations. Today’s tools are becoming smarter and more functional all the time. This includes the way you change tires. While you’ll always need your technicians’ expertise, the key to quick and accurate tire changing is often the tire changer itself. This is where an automatic leverless tire changer makes a world of difference in speeding up your shop’s processes and improving revenue through efficiency.

No matter your shop’s size or the types of vehicles you typically service, choosing not just any tire changer – but the right one – is critical. Here are some important features you’ll want to look for when selecting the ideal tire changer for your shop.

Fast, Reliable Operation

Older, manual tire changers are cumbersome and temperamental, often produce inaccurate results and can be dangerous to operate. Today’s tire changers are not only easy to operate but can run with a single movement – and simply by pushing a button. This makes all the difference in improving productivity and safety.

 Precise Tire Mounting and Demounting

Quickly mounting or demounting tires is part of any successful tire service, but it doesn’t matter if the job is done inaccurately, or parts get broken. One of the main advantages of modern, leverless tire changers is that there is no metal-on-metal contact. The changer is designed for precision and control to eliminate the risk of bent wheels, scratches or other damage. This can help technicians swap tires not just faster but with greater precision while keeping the tires and wheels in perfect condition.

 Ease of Use

Tire changing can be a difficult and even dangerous job. At the end of a long day, the margin for error shrinks. This is where an automatic tire changer is your technicians’ best friend. It eliminates back strain from lugging heavy tires onto the changer all day, allowing techs to stay in one place and simply roll the tires right onto the wheel lift to begin the changing process.

A Turnkey Component for Your Shop

Another valuable consideration of a good automatic tire changer is if it has plug-and-play capability. Speed and convenience are as important as ease of use, and that starts if the tire changer is ready to go right out of the box. It should also come with the necessary accessories, storage and everything your shop needs to start performing tire service immediately.

A modern, automatic tire changer will make your technicians’ jobs safer, cleaner, and better, while also keeping your customers happy.

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