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You know the vehicle lift in your shop can handle a lot. You’ve seen it lift cars or trucks or busses and more. But what about more practical uses? How many footballs could it hoist? How many polar bears? These are the pressing questions that keep us up at night. You, too, we’re sure! So we did the research. Here’s what our lifts can handle.Blog_Post_7.23.2015

  SPOA10 (10,000 lbs)

  •          9 male polar bears
  •          10,667 (fully inflated) NFL footballs
  •          1,198 gallons of water
  •          6,666 flat iron steaks


MOD35 (105,000 lbs; 3-post setup)

  •          403 St. Bernards
  •          8.8 million baseballs
  •          21 great white sharks
  •          9.3 million nickels


MACH 18 Mobile Column Lift (144,000 lbs; 8 lifts)

  •          1.4 million golf balls
  •          8 African elephants
  •          262 baby grand pianos
  •          303,158 avacados

 But don’t put polar bears on your lifts, you guys. Or any of these things for that matter. Just weight-appropriate vehicles. (But if you need to lift $50 million in unmarked $1 bills? Well, you’ll need a MACH 18 eight-column setup for that.)  

Need a little more information about which lift is right for you? Check out our Lift Buyers Guide for details. {{cta(’60ae5d9e-45ca-47c1-90c6-ff8cc3cf1686′,’justifycenter’)}}