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Olympic_Rings.pngAs the world gears up for the Winter Olympics, we here at Rotary have been asking ourselves some very serious questions. Who will emerge as the standout athlete? Will the USA win the winter medal count? And, how many gold medals can my SPOA10 pick up? (The answer, btw is 7,745 which would be worth about $4.1 million) 

We did the math on a few other Olympic related items and athletes. You’re welcome.

 SPOA10 TRIO™ (10,000 lbs)SPOACurling.png

  • 227-Curling stones or keeping proportions, a stone that is 60 inches in diameter and 34 inches tall
  • 854-Olympic downhill snowboards (with bindings)
  • 62.5-Lindsey Vonns


RLP77 (7,700 lbs)

  • 20,532-Regulation hockey pucks
  • Exactly 50 Flying Tomatoes (a.k.a.- Shaun Whites)
  • 78-Skeleton sleds


XA14 (14,000lbs)

  • 10-Bobsleds teams with sleighs (4 man) 
  • 5-Men’s full alpine skiing roster 
  • 1818-Biathlon .22 caliber rifles


But don’t put Olympic athletes or rifles on your lifts or really any of these things for that matter. Just weight-appropriate vehicles. (But if you want to lift all of the ice in the  Olympic speed skating rink… Well, you’ll need about 11 VREX 80,000lb’ers for that.)  

Need a little more information about which lift is right for you? Check out our Lift Buyers Guide for details. {{cta(‘e04f27bf-1e59-4cca-b32c-6b0879736d6a’,’justifycenter’)}}