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You know the drill. If you’re changing tires, then odds are you’re also balancing those tires. The two go hand in hand. Do you have a reliable and safe wheel balancer ready to go for your techs?

Any time you purchase new equipment, there are a lot of options and questions to consider. Where do you even start? Before you shop for your next wheel balancer, we recommend checking out our balancer buyer’s guide. It’s a free resource packed with helpful tips to make sure you purchase the best piece of equipment for your shop.

The guide answers questions like:
• How easy is the machine to use?
• How labor-intensive will it be on my technicians?
• How much space will it take up in my shop?
• What kind of wheels can I service?

You can also check out training videos and demos on a wide variety of wheel service equipment here.

Balancer Buyers Guide