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Rotary has been the industry leader in vehicle lifts since 1925 when Peter Lunati developed and installed the first-ever vehicle lift in a Memphis garage. Since then, we have expanded well beyond lifts. By listening closely to the needs of service and repair shops first and foremost, we continue to make advancements in research and technology that help our customers simplify their operations, service more vehicles and boost revenue.

Going Beyond Vehicle Lifts

Automotive technicians need the right tools for the job. When outfitting or updating a shop with new equipment, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Does this make it easier for techs to do the work?
  2. Does this make shop operations simpler and more efficient?
  3. Does this save shop space and improve productivity?

While our lines of premium car lifts and heavy-duty truck lifts remain the cornerstone of the Rotary brand, the key to helping shops stay competitive is to consistently provide new and improved lifts and shop equipment that make technicians’ work easier.

Here’s a snapshot of our new state-of-the-art repair equipment designed to meet vehicle and customer demands while improving bottom lines for automotive service and repair shops of all sizes.

R1085 Pro 3D Wheel Alignment System

Rotary’s latest wheel aligner uses advanced 3D image technology to allow techs to perform quick and accurate alignments anywhere in the bay. The R1085 is portable, tower-free and tablet operated. Techs can run the entire process remotely without a computer or monitor, as well as perform test drives on the rack.

R3AC80 Dual Refrigerant A/C Charging Cart

The new R3AC80 A/C Charging Cart works with both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants without changing tanks. The cart is WiFi enabled, providing real-time vehicle data while automatically checking and displaying oil and refrigerant levels. With an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, automatic leak detection and easy-connect hoses, shops can perform A/C service simpler, quicker and smarter than ever before!

SPOA10-AV with All-Vehicle Lift Arms

Shops can now get the flexibility and clearance to lift all vehicles under 10,000 lbs, including EVs, low-profile, truck frame and unibodies – with just one lift. Offering the market’s lowest profile and largest pickup range, techs can spend far less time spotting and more time servicing vehicles.

And that’s not all. In 2024, Rotary will be introducing new innovative products and technology solutions as part of our ongoing commitment to Serving the Shop.

Each Rotary product is supported by the largest service network in the world, giving shops access to unmatched expertise and product knowledge to ensure their equipment works flawlessly for its lifespan.

Our goal at Rotary is not only to provide technicians with what they need to do easier, better, and faster work but also to help shops everywhere service more vehicles to drive more revenue.

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