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George MnM Guy 2.jpgIf you live in the Chicago area or you’re a White Sox fan, then you know George Jacobs. No? Well, you probably recognize him as the “M&M Guy.” George is known for his bold M&M jacket which he can be seen wearing at almost every White Sox home game as he sits directly behind home plate. What you may not know, is that he is a small business owner, with a very interesting story.

George is the founder and owner of Windy City Limousine, an international transportation company based in Chicago. George’s story is that of most successful business owners. He started as a salesman, took a shot on a single limousine and built an empire, that includes exotic sedans all the way to 60 passenger tour buses. Take a look at how George’s desire to be the best, drives his decisions to have the best of everything for his customers.

Prior to Windy City Limo, George actually co-founded another successful transportation company. He later sold the company in one of the largest business deals of its kind. So, what do you do when you have a passion to be the best, intimate knowledge of the transportation industry, and a great business mind? You start another company, and build it up to the top.

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