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This southern Indiana facility helps maintain a fleet of 165 school buses for the New Albany Floyd Consolidated School Corporation. If you maintain a fleet, you know that your primary job is being able to get vehicles serviced efficiently and back on the road, ready to go. Backlogs can create a ripple effect of issues you don’t want to mess with. In this case, keeping buses operational helps transport more than 8,000 kids to and from school every day.

After bringing in Rotary mobile column lifts, Mitch Corwin and his team were able to shave hours off of every project. The features provided by our mobile columns, primarily the Redfire® remote, weren’t being offered by anyone else. And that’s allowed them to work faster and more confidently than before.

Watch the full video to hear all the reasons why they’re happy they went with Rotary Flex Max™ mobile column lifts over competitors. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how mobile column lifts could benefit your shop, including purchasing options and pricing details, find your local Rotary Authorized Installer.