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Laser-on-Car-edit-1.jpgRepair shops each have their own unique goals, but they all share a common challenge: productivity. The health of your business depends directly on how efficiently your technicians can process jobs. One aspect of this is hiring the best employees to get the job done, but don’t overlook another important ingredient in this recipe: your equipment. The speed of your auto lifts is huge, causing ripple effects throughout your company.

Three levels of benefits

Faster lifts mean more money in your techs’ pockets, more jobs for the shop and happier customers. For starters, if repair technicians are paid via a flat rate, they’ll see big personal gains with better equipment. Anything that can help them complete jobs in less time than allotted is a good thing. This profit also leads to another hidden benefit of faster equipment: It can help you retain good employees.

At the next level, dealerships and shops profit from more efficient technicians and equipment, too. The more hours your service department can book, the more money your business can make. The right lifts can even open up new revenue streams. More and more dealerships and traditional shops are offering quick service options thanks to speedier lifts.

The final group to benefit is your customers. They want those quick service options without having to schedule days in advance. For better or worse, no one wants to wait around for much of anything these days, and car repairs are no exception. When you get them back in their vehicle sooner, they’ll appreciate it. And they’ll remember it next time they need services.

Lift Features that Boost Productivity

If you’re in the those-benefits-sound-pretty-good camp (so, all of you, we’re assuming), we have tools that can help. We offer a variety of lifts equipped with our ShockwaveTM technology, which we designed specifically to address the industry-wide challenge of higher productivity and efficiency goals. Here’s how Shockwave addresses that need:

Faster rise time. Two times faster, to be exact (25 seconds up and 19 seconds down). That’s important in any type of repair job. Your technicians can spend less time waiting around for the lift to go up and more time actually completing repairs.

Faster spotting. Our SpotlineTM motion-activated laser makes spotting dead simple by shooting a laser line down the center of the bay and onto the car’s hood and dash. Keep it in the middle, and your techs can get the vehicle loaded quickly and accurately the first time. (Check out the 90 Second Know How Video: Spotline Alignment & Syncing

For even more ease-of-use, the Shockwave-equipped SPOA10TRIO comes standard with TRIOTM arms, which make spotting simpler and faster thanks to lightweight adapters that techs can easily and quickly slide into place.  

So just how much time and money will a Shockwave-equipped lift save you? We have a calculator that can help you figure that out. Do the math, and keep in mind the ripple effect. Those profits will benefit your technicians and customers, too.