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Flex Pic Link.jpgMany shop owners and managers are investing in mobile column lifts for an array of benefits, like expanding business and increasing their services. But how do you know if this option is right for you and your shop, not to mention your budget?

Here are some factors that indicate a mobile column lift may be beneficial for you:

Your techs want to get off of creepers: Although creepers are common in shops, they bring safety concerns like muscle strains and burns, and they can be inconvenient. Using lifts allows techs to move much faster and work safely away from dangers like hot manifolds, loose parts, air intake backfire and other common issues. 

You’re looking to hire in a competitive market: When it comes to attracting outstanding techs, equipment matters. Having mediocre or even obsolete shop equipment will make talented new recruits pass you by. Mobile column lifts communicate to techs that you’re willing to invest in the newest, leading edge equipment options. 

You want to maximize your shop space: Mobile column are very versatile. Techs can move the lifts to other areas of the shop when they’re not in use, which frees up space for other tasks. Also, the lifts can be rolled outside, rather than bringing a vehicle into the shop. That’s nice-to-have functionality, and allows techs more variety in how they work.

You’re ready to speed up repairs: For any major purchase, the most important question is: What is my return on investment? Mobile column lifts get you ROI faster, not only because they increase the range of jobs a shop can handle, but also because they allow techs to make repairs faster, which drives up revenue. For example, if you choose a lift that has controls at every column, rather than just one, techs can change heights quickly, and those minutes add up to speedier repair turnarounds. 

In many cases, shop owners bring in mobile column lifts during a renovation, but even when there isn’t a significant overhaul to shop space, they can offer an advantage. By making the most of techs’ time and efforts, they increase productivity and give shops more opportunity for business growth.

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