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MACH4_6_columns_Firetruck.pngWe all know what buzz words are, right? The trendy words that grab attention for a short time. For example, “cloud” is all the rage in the tech world now. “Forward thinking” is dominating many industries as well. But what happens to a buzz word that sticks around? The phrase “Going Green” may be the king of all buzz words, and whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay. Whatever your motivation may be, tax incentives, government mandates or your own personal beliefs, reducing your company’s carbon footprint is something you can embrace.   

So how can you start working toward a greener shop? It might be easier than you think. We have compiled a simple list of ways your shop can start being green, and maybe even save you some $green$ along the way.

Tire Recycling
If your shop sells, or installs tires, you inevitably find yourself with that massive piles of old rubber, that is a haven for rats and mosquitos. Fear not, there is actually a large market for used tires. They can be made into things like mulch, erosion material and even alternative fuel sources. There are several services you can contact, and some will even provide free pickup. Check out Earth911, for easy how-to’s and available services in your area.

Change Lighting
Changing your shop’s lights is another cost effective way to go green. Chances are you have fluorescent bulbs in your fixtures now, consider changing them to CFL or LED. The upfront cost per bulb is slightly more, but they have a much lower cost of ownership. Some LEDs can last up to 80,000 hours and based on a 12-hour day, that’s over 18 years or worry free illumination. The disposal of CFL and LED is much easier and environmentally friendly than fluorescent, which contain harmful gases.

Perform an Energy Audit
Energy audits have become very popular in the consumer market, but are often overlooked in commercial establishments. Think about the monthly cost of heating your shop, if you could decrease that by 10%, wouldn’t that be a substantial savings? Many electric companies will perform free energy audits and will often give you tips on how to reduce your monthly consumption.

Energy Efficient Equipmentshockwave.png
When you think of energy efficiency, admittedly shop tools probably don’t come to mind. However, there are a few products on the market that offer a greener solution. Look into battery operated lifts, such as Rotary Mobile Columns or Shockwave™ equipped lifts. They use 12-volt battery power to operate the motor keeping electric bills down, and your efficiency up. Also, many hand held tools have a battery powered counterpart, this stops your costly air compressor from running, and bonus, the shop will be quieter. Another feature of adding battery equipment is if the electricity goes out, your shop can still run, meaning you’re making money while competitors are in the dark.

Regardless as to why you are making the choice to go green, it’s a smart move. Once you make the changes, be proud of them. In a recent poll, consumers were 67% more likely to patron business that embraced a greener philosophy. Jumping on the green train now, means an easier transition later, and if done correctly can be a very cost effective way to operate your shop.

If you would like more information on greener lifting solutions, check our Shockwave™ equipped lifts.