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Efficiently servicing more vehicles in order to increase profits is the goal of every shop – and it almost always comes down to productivity. More vehicles in = more revenue earned.

With many customers seeking a one-stop shop for total vehicle maintenance, offering packaged services and extended service plans can lead to a boost in customer retention and increased revenues. Adding wheel alignment service is one key aspect of complete car care that can improve your shop’s productivity and workflow – and your bottom line.

For automotive shops of all sizes, modern mobile wheel alignment equipment provides 5 key benefits that you can cash in on right now.


  1. Improves access with remote monitoring

Mobile wheel alignment technology not only accommodates a wide range of vehicles, but it increases accessibility throughout the shop. With less equipment to worry about and fewer trips to the console, you reduce alignment time, and the risk of injury or accidents for technicians. Alignment can be monitored from anywhere in the shop with an ergonomically friendly, easy-to-use mobile tablet, making the whole process much more efficient.


  1. Saves space for safety and monetization

With a mobile wheel alignment system, there are no towers, no signal interruptions that disrupt workflow, and more opportunities to monetize the saved space in the shop. Techs can take accurate readings from any alignment lift at any height, which makes the shop safer and more productive.


  1. Eliminates around-the-block test drives

There’s no longer a need to cruise around the block to make sure wheels are in alignment. Rotary’s R1085 Portable Wheel Alignment System for example, allows techs to perform a test drive right on the rack. This helps shops save a lot of service time, while improving safety and reducing liability for accidents.


  1. Increases alignment accuracy 

Using true 3D targets, today’s aligners provide more than just user-friendly operation. They reduce the variables that dictate run-out compensation and help take the guesswork out of finding alignment accuracy. This puts customers at ease, knowing their vehicle’s alignment will be set correctly when it leaves the shop and ready to perform reliably in all roadway conditions.


  1. Helps shops service more vehicles throughout the day

With improved efficiency, accuracy and faster alignment times, mobile wheel alignment systems create the perfect opportunity to service more vehicles throughout the day. This enables shops to generate additional revenue through packaged services and repeat customers.

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