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heavy-duty-mechanic.jpgStaffing is a pain point for many businesses across a variety of industries, but it’s particularly challenging in the heavy duty repair business. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates the industry will average 7,500 job openings annually through 2022. That’s a lot of positions to fill. If you’ve been tasked with hiring quality heavy duty mechanics, you may already be seeing the widening gap between the number of positions that need to be filled and the number of people in line for them. So how do you make the most of the pool that is available? Follow these tips for recruiting the best heavy duty mechanics.

  1. Make recruiting a priority. You already know that great employees are vital to a successful shop. But are you really applying that knowledge to your recruitment efforts? If you haven’t already, make a commitment to dedicate some resources (whether that’s you or another employee) to recruiting. Let everyone in your company know this is a priority, and if you ask others to help you out, give them the time, tools and support they need to do the job well. Investing in recruiting is truly investing in the future of your business.
  1. Look at your success stories. When you start to think about how and where to look for new technicians, consider what’s worked in the past. Do certain schools tend to produce better candidates? Do any of your strongest employees have a similar degree (or combination of degrees)? What about employment history? Look for similarities and try to re-create the magic if you can. You can also ask for recommendations from the techs that are assets to your company. Sometimes the best recruits come via word of mouth.
  1. Know where – and what – to advertise. In order to get the biggest pool of candidates possible, think carefully about the best places to advertise open positions. Flyers in local tech schools might be a good start, but focusing on online job forums is smart, too. And don’t forget about social. Tweeting about an open position or advertising a job on LinkedIn could generate some additional interest.

You should think about what exactly you’ll post in the job description, too. If you want those great candidates to stick around for a while, take some time to put together an accurate job description that spells out exactly what you’re looking for and what an employee can expect in the position. When you’re upfront from the start, it pays off in the long run. 

  1. Build a positive reputation and culture. Of course, recruiting doesn’t start and end with a job post. It’s actually a much longer process that involves cultivating a reputation as a great employer. Even if you’re not looking to recruit right now, keep the magnet effect of a great reputation in mind. Treat your employees well, to start, and also make an effort to get your name out there among potential job candidates. Attend job fairs, of course, but also think about getting in the classroom with students by partnering with colleges to offer training or a Q&A panel, for instance.
  1. Attract great techs with great tools. One way you can build your reputation is by providing your current technicians with the best tools available. Equipment like the latest and greatest mobile column lifts will make your employees’ jobs easier. That type of investment will perform double-duty: It keeps your current techs happy and also provides that wow factor when potential employees visit your facility.

The battle for quality heavy duty mechanics might be getting tougher, but when you put the effort in, your company will stand out in the crowd.

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