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Rotary-Shop-shot.pngFrom farming to finance, every industry faces change: New technologies come and go. Consumer tastes evolve. Governing bodies set new rules. Change is truly a constant, and the car repair industry is no exception. Manufacturers are shifting the way they make vehicles to keep up with upcoming MPG requirements, buyers want more and more high-tech features and electric carmakers look to gain a bigger piece of the pie.  All that flux can leave repair shops spinning. Here are three ways to keep up with it all: 

1. Be open to change.

There’s comfort in The Way Things Have Always Been, but change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You likely already look for small ways to adjust or improve repair processes in your shop, and you want the latest and greatest equipment for your technicians. Extending that mindset to larger things could be good for business. Make a commitment to exploring changes rather than rejecting them outright. Looking into things like electric car repairs, for example, rather than fighting them could be great for your business.  

2. Stay current on vehicle trends.

In order to take advantage of changes in the industry, you have to stay on top of them. That means gaining insight into what’s coming in the future rather than reacting to what’s currently coming through your shop doors. Changing your tools and techniques can be time-consuming but it can also be rewarding when you’re ready to take on new types of repairs before your competition is. To do that, attend industry tradeshows and read up on new and upcoming technologies and mandates in the car industry. Then pivot when the time is right and be ready when the changes hit your doorstep.

 3. Make education a priority.

Plan for regular technician training costs in your budget. You know your employees are your biggest assets, and they’ll also be the ones most affected by changes in car repair trends. Make sure they’re well equipped by giving them the time and resources to keep up with new repair techniques. Preparing them in this way has multiple benefits. First, it shows them that you’re committed to their future. Second, it communicates your commitment to embracing change. Saying that you want to be ready for the next big thing is one thing, but putting dollars and time toward it is real evidence that’s easy for everyone to see.

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