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In some shops, wheel and tire repair is offered as an add-on service. When customers come in for other issues, they get the benefit of a one-stop shop for all of their general maintenance needs. What those shop owners may not realize is there are many benefits to offering a full line of wheel service in their shops. Consider these three reasons why wheel service is more than just an add-on.

1. You could increase revenue.
Even if you choose not to become a tire dealer, there is still money to be made by servicing tires and tire-related issues. Let’s say your shop has all the work it can handle, and customers aren’t your problem. It’s certainly not a bad position to be in. However, what if you could add some revenue to the ticket without inflating the cycle time? If a customer has brake or suspension issues, offering an alignment or balancing package would be a very easy way to earn additional revenue from a vehicle that’s already on the lift. Or, if you’re looking for more customers to fill your schedule, offering wheel service packages, such as rotation, balancing and alignment, is a good way to bulk up the number of tickets.

2. You could decrease your cycle times.
Let’s face it. Decreasing cycle times is something every shop wants to do because getting more cars in per week means more money in your pocket. The best way to ensure your cycle times stay as short as possible is to offer a full solution for any repair that may come your way. If you can’t perform the work, that job will be sent somewhere else, possibly to a competitor. Now you’re at the mercy of another shop. Is your business a priority for them? Will it be done to the correct standards, or more importantly, your standards? These potential cycle time delays and quality concerns can be eliminated by keeping the car in your shop, under your care.

3. Your customers have a reason to come back.
When someone asks your customers, “Do you know a good mechanic?” of course you want them to recommend your shop. The best way to make that happen is by providing consistently good work but also by keeping your customers in mind and offering a complete solution to overall repair. That doesn’t end with just fixing the vehicle but, rather, includes making the repair process as trouble-free as possible. Ensuring your customer’s vehicle gets back to them quickly is a great start, but what about keeping them from going to another shop? Offering services like tire alignments, balancing and changing allows your customers the convenience of a true one-stop shop. This builds trust with your clients and keeps them out of competitive shops looking to steal them away.

If you already offer some wheel service but you’d like to add more capabilities, or if you’re starting from scratch, getting your hands on equipment that’ll last a long time is a must. Rotary’s line of wheel service equipment has reliable options to help you gain some of that customer loyalty, increase revenue and round out your business for the future. With Rotary, you can be prepared to deal with whatever rolls into your shop.


Download our guide and check out our video vault to learn more about adding wheel service equipment to your shop.