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3-1.pngEveryone is looking for ways to make their job easier. Whether it be installing a new computer program, trying out a new traffic app, or switching to a more ergonomic hammer. Whatever your job, or industry, you will always relish a new tool or device to make your day a little better and more productive.

We at Rotary feel the same, that’s why we offer a great line of accessories designed improve the quality of an already stellar lift lineup!

Tech Lights

The Tech Lights series offers powerful lighting options that can be adapted to meet a variety of service bay needs. Each light comes with mounting clips that are magnetic, so the lights can be set up in a variety of locations without drilling. Whether you are using a set of 2 to illuminate under a two post or 4 line lights to do work under runways, Tech Lights are the way to go.


Okay, so LockLight™ may not make a huge impact on the productivity of your technician, but what about adding a few years to the life of your service manager. Before any under vehicle service is performed by a technician, a lift should be set securely on the mechanical locks. Improper use can result in technician injuries and may be subject to thousands of dollars in fines from agencies such as OSHA and CCOHS. With LockLight™ a simple glance down the row can show whether a lift is on the locks, letting your service manager deal with the more important issues, like who keeps stealing all of the donuts from the break room.


A true time and technician saver. Wheel Wing helps technicians avoid back strain and other possible injuries from picking wheels off the floor. It folds upward or to the side when not in use, saving space and being easily accessible while standing near the lift arms. Wheel Wing can be positioned on the arms of any two post lift and provides a convenient holding spot for tires. Utilize the included magnetic tool tray and keep things that may be lost while servicing vehicles, in an easy to find spot. So save a back, buy a wheel wing.