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Rotary - year in review.jpgThe end of the year is a time to reflect and look back on how things have changed over the past twelve months. In 2016, we saw steady growth in the auto industry, with several new design trends hitting the market. Whether it is aluminum bodied vehicles, or smaller engines to help increase mpg, the landscape is constantly changing, which is why Rotary continues our efforts to help your shop stay on the forefront of innovation.

In Rotary’s continued drive to bring you the most innovative products, we had a very exciting 2016. So, in case you missed them, here is a quick recap:

To say “dynamite comes in small packages” may be the greatest understatement ever made if referring to Rotary’s new RLP77. Rotary recently introduced this all new double section scissor lift and expects big things out of its tiny foot print. A sleek design coupled with some of the industry’s most innovative features makes this lift a must have in any shop environment.

When you need to lift the heaviest vehicles, you need equipment you can rely on. Our newest drive-on lift is built for the toughest jobs. The V-REX is available in 44,000, 64,000 and 80,000 lb. capacities, and it has plenty of innovative features that increase durability and reliability.

 Mach Flex Mobile Columns  MCH19 COLUMN.png
We rolled out the Mach Flex Mobile Columns at SEMA 2016, and plan full release early in 2017. Rotary’s patent pending, versatile, remote-controlled, mobile lifting system gives you the power and mobility to make service repairs anywhere in your shop. Powered by RedFire, there’s no need for cords, keys or chips. With faster set up and operation technicians can simply follow the control commands, not having to wait at each column to sync before moving to the next column saves critical set up time. The included remote control auto detects and connects when communicating to the columns.

90 Second Know How Video Library
We took some FAQ’s from our website, along with some commonly asked questions fielded by our customer service team and made a series of short videos that provide answers. The videos can be accessed on our website at They include info on performing basic maintenance, trouble-shooting some common problems and tips for more effective usage of Rotary products. Each is narrated by a member of our Madison, IN based team, so you can get to know the people behind the lifts. Rotary’s initial launch of 6 videos included some of the most common questions received and now the library has grown to 16 videos, with more added weekly.

Rotary will continue to provide the best lifting equipment on the market and be a true partner for your shop. If you would like more information on any of this year new releases, or any of Rotary’s full line, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable distributors today!